8d6beb4a-0a82-4cbf-a8a1-96ccc7c06a24BOTTHÉKA: this is a game with words, reflecting brilliantly why Botthéka was established. Bottega, from Latin and Greek, means handcraft workshop, while our ancestors used to keep their valuables in a small wooden cupboard, the téka (situated traditionally in the sacred corner of the room). Both is also included in the name. My aim is therefore to showcase the peculiar treasures created in my workshop, some of which are completely unique. Several aspects are molded together in the objects from Botthéka: old Hungarian folk art, the shapes and colours of the present day as well as traditional and modern techniques. My main inspiration is the variety of colours, shades, textures, and the yarn created from natural fluff with their diverse ways of utilization. There are two main lines of work: spinning with hand spindles and spinning wheel, dyeing the fluff, yarn and textiles; then using these and other materials for knitting, crochet, embroidery (mainly cross-stitch), weaving and for creating relating design patterns, “how to” instructions and DIY kits.