kreativterv1englishAs a young girl, my paternal grandmother introduced me to needlework, to the first loops – she is still active in making beautiful laces. I was very fortunate because I could inherit talent and creativity from my maternal grandmother, who made fascinating gobelins. I had abandoned craftwork for years until I became a godmother and I again discovered my love for crochet, knitting and embroidery. My first work was a boy-doll, designed and crocheted by myself. I then found a copy of a book from the 1920s: Thérèse de Dillmont: Encyclopaedia of Needlework and I have found it difficult to realise my numerous ideas and make use of the accumulated materials ever since. A crocheted bag pattern of mine was published in Amalie magazine in 2011, while I was also chosen as Artist of the Year in a competition of a well-known needlework shop in the same year. Following this, several other patterns of mine of both knitting and crochet appeared on various forums. I had been considering the idea of my own site, and these plans were finally embodied in Botthéka.