… happy, healthy … I AM… I’m loved and I can love … I can live my life … I can admir her beauties … I can do my job … for all this I am GRATEFUL …

… for tiny things like a weaving day form a dear friend and another with a dear friend … a great idea from a dear friend that I bring with me and form in my image … a meeting that gives new impetus for volunteer work … a book diary, which contains everything I am grateful for … to remember: how grateful I can be…


W2W scarf- Windows to the World

Made in Mulberry Leaf Weaving Studio by Botthéka

Decorated ice cream wood stick’s idea: Reantik

Book: Greatful Diary (Hála napló) – Édesvíz Kiadó Hungary – 2017

The Octo project

Give an octo?
“The Octo Project started in Denmark in February of 2013. We are a group of volunteers who use premium cotton to crochet colorful Octos for premature babies. Would you like to make a difference and help a premature baby feel safe – then grab your crochet hook. The tentacles of the octo resembles the cord and reminds the babies of the time in the womb. The octos get donated to families with premature babies on the neonatal departments.”

Octo project:

Octo patterns: